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2013 Annual Meeting Agenda

The 2013 Annual Meeting was held in New Brunswick, NJ on April 11-13, 2013 at the Heldrich Hotel. Below you will find presentations from the 2013 Annual Meeting along with the final agenda.

Final Agenda

Plenary Session I - Academic Integrity and Cultural Difference: Faculty and Student Perspectives
Jennifer Brondell, Binghamton University
Sabine Lehr, University of Victoria

Plenary Session II - Academic Integrity: Bridging the Culture Gap
Rachel Rubin, Georgetown University
James Schaefer, Georgetown University

Plenary Session III - Update on CGS Pathways through Graduate School and into Careers Project

Plenary Session IV - Mapping New Territories: Graduate Program Outcomes and Career Paths
Sarah Wicker, Cornell University
Donna M. Woolcott, Ontario University Council on Quality Assurance

Plenary Session V - Peer Mentoring for Graduate Students: Why and How it Works

Plenary Session VI - University Intellectual Property and Industry Collaboration
Katherine Chou, Thomas Jefferson University
Maria Emanuel, University of New Hampshire


2012 Annual Meeting Agenda

The 2012 Annual Meeting was held in Halifax, NS on April 19-21, 2012 at the Westin Nova Scotian. Below you will find presentations from the 2012 Annual Meeting along with the final agenda.

Final Agenda

Pre-meeting Session - Professional Master's Degrees: Trends and Transitions

Plenary Session I - Connections and Disconnections in Interdisciplinary Graduate Studies

Plenary Session II - Added Value: Professional Skills Development for Graduate Students and Postdocs
Laurie Lamoreaux-Scholes, Concordia University
Laura Lindenfeld, University of Maine
Jesse Vincent-Herscovici, MITACS

Plenary Session III - Opportunities and Challeges of Increased International Graduate Student Enrollments

Plenary Session IV - Re-drawing the Graduate School Circle to Include Postdocs
Carol Beck
Lisa Kozlowski, Thomas Jefferson University
Joan Noris, Wilfrid Laurier University
Christopher So, Thomas Jefferson University

Plenary Session V - Blog This, Tweet That, and Facebook too !?&?*$!: A Strategic, Hands-on Look at New Communication Tools for Graduate Schools

Plenary Session VI - Bridging the Disconnect: First Generation Graduate Students and Academic Culture



2011 Annual Meeting Agenda

The 2011 Annual Meeting was held in Boston on April 13-16, 2011 at the Omni Parker House. Below you will find the 2011 Annual Meeting final agenda.

Final Agenda


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